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Cycling Apparel


Modern and Sophisticated.

Feminine, not girly.

Technical and beautiful.

Fashion, meet fitness.

Inspired by adventure.

Come for a ride with us.


Bought these for my first century ride. I will never EVER buy any other cycling short. This is my new brand! Thank you Lexi!!!

The vest with arm warmers is perfect for in between weather! You can tell the vest was designed by a female cyclist. Fabric is sturdy and provides good wind blockage. It has a flattering, fitted cut and best of all it has super convenient pockets in the back!

What I love about it is that the kit is just the best. I haven't owned something that's so well-made and actually that quality. I could wear this every single time I race and never feel like it was going to fall apart or wouldn't be the right choice. I find it incredibly comfortable.  Being able to feel like your clothes are part of you and not just something that's on you is I think really important, especially with cycling because so much of it is efficiency and movement. 

I wish your clothes weren’t so well made! If they’d wear out faster I’d have a better excuse for buying more frequently - they last too long!!!

I have been riding a bike for a long time and have tried every brand and variety of riding shorts ...With these shorts, I actually WANT to ride my bike so that I can wear the shorts! When I am riding, I think about how crazy comfortable they are. When I am done riding, I marvel at how I seem to only wear these shorts and how well they hold up in spite of relentless abuse. Finally, not to neglect my ego, these shorts look awesome on everyone and feeling good in your clothes is always a bonus!

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