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Anatomy of a Design: The Perfect Cycling Vest

Posted by Alexis Ring on

Here in San Francisco, it seems like the temperature always hovers around 60-something, which leaves us searching for the perfect cycling vest.  Chilly in the summer when we are enshrouded in that famously gloomy marine layer, and a bit warmer when it burns off.  A different kind of feeling is present when drier cooler air flows in during the winter months, but still, that mercury doesn’t budge much.  In our eternal Spring/Fall climate a layering piece is essential for pretty much every ride.  Said piece has to have some sort of moisture- and wind-repelling ability.  But it’s also got to be able to be packed away once the sun hits your shoulders 10 miles north or south or east of the city.  

Introducing The C to C Vest, short for City to Country.  

There’s nothing worse than being suffocated by a cheap water repellent fabric that doesn’t let the air out, so we searched far and wide for the perfect textile. Industry leader, Schoeller created the perfect lightweight, water repellent, wind repellent blend with breath-ability, and a hint of four-way stretch.  Up close you’ll see that it also has a textured pattern.  


We began our design process, as always, with a silhouette.  Clearly, this piece would have a full length zipper and no sleeves.  From there we added a waist.  By now you should know that we don’t really like straight lines.  Two pieces of reflective trim curve up and downward, mirrored by our favorite reflective scalloped trim on the shoulders which carries on to the upper back, meeting up with a panel of white mesh for added breath-ability and temperature control.  



Two generously sized pockets on the back can hold your arm warmers once the temperature starts to rise.  


The waist features a drawstring cord which locks into place to ensure the perfect fit.


 The Perfect Cycling Vest also packs down into any of our Jersey pockets!


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