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Anatomy of A Design: The Little Black Short

Posted by Lexi Miller on

Over the years we searched high and low to find the best womens cycling shorts but our shopping expeditions were fruitless, as we ended up with an overflowing bin of "almost okay" shorts. 

That’s why we set out to design the perfect cycling short that is simple in its design but positively functional and technical in its tailoring.  No mindgames or over-engineering needed. 

We were inspired by the Little Black Dress, or the LBD, attributed to Coco Chanel's designs of the 1920's.  It is an item so ubiquitous to fashion that it is considered to be an essential staple to every woman's wardrobe.  Sometimes its appeal lies in its simplicity and other times it is a perfectly placed detail, but the LBD is timeless and it possesses the perfect degree of adaptability to carry you from work to a cocktail party.  It has just enough class and a dash of sass, and its demeanor can be changed with a swift swap of a kitten heel to a stiletto. 

The anatomy of the best womens cycling short is also timeless, flattering, and suitable for its function.  The Little Black Short is distilled down to these essential details:

Plain black design to complement whatever you want to wear on top?  Check.

A supportive performance fabric that hugs your legs?  Check. 

A softer fabric sans elastic on your thighs and tummy but stays in place?  Check. 

A V-shaped waistband that sits high on the hips, and provides overlap with your jersey so you won’t be flashing the crowd when you take your helmet off?  Check.

A range of sizes 2-12 for a more accurate fit?  Check.

A top of the line anatomically designed, women specific chamois from the industry leader, Elastic Interface?  Check. 

And we didn’t stop there. We made painstakingly diligent efforts to make sure that our factory got chamois placement right.

All of the above help to protect you against the need for awkward suspenders so the girls can be free. 

Don’t be fooled by the Little Black Short’s subtle design aesthetics.  Its technical strengths and comfort lie in what you can’t see, but what you can definitely feel the second you put them on.

Check them out -- here!

xo Alexis

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