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Brand Pillar #1: Cycling apparel for women, by women.

Posted by Lexi Miller on

There are so many things I love about our logo.


I love clover shapes, I love symmetry (even when it's not perfect symmetry).  I love that it is one continuous line which makes up four non-girly hearts.  Strong, definitive, feminine hearts

Each of these hearts represents a pillar that underpins Lexi Miller.

#1: For women, by women.

Lexi Miller came about because women's cycling apparel was subpar.  This seems to be the athletic apparel industry's way of injecting femininity into cycling clothes: take a men's jersey, give it a bit of a waist, make it more roomy in the chest, make it pink or purple, maybe add some flowers or swirly designs as if to scream: I am woman!  It used to drive me nuts to find an okay-looking jacket or jersey (read: simple, no huge logos, well fitting) hanging in a store, only to have my hopes dashed when I discovered the random scribble on the back pocket.  Why???

We believe in a different approach: well-tailored designs that take cues from your everyday wardrobe.  We like pink, but it doesn't have to be amplified with a badge of girliness.  We like floral patterns, but they don't have to make us feel like younger, weaker versions of ourselves.

As women, we know what we want aesthetically.  And we know what works for us functionally.  We know what looks good and feels good, and functions well.

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