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Brand Pillar #2: A Sage Approach to Design.

Posted by Lexi Miller on


adjective \ˈsāj\

: very wise

1:  wise through reflection and experience

2:  proceeding from or characterized by wisdom, prudence, and good judgment <sage advice>

We approach design with the wisdom of our past experiences, and with the desire for beautiful, functional, technical apparel.  We look at design elements and think: is this working for us?  Is this necessary?  

For us, it is not good enough to make just another polyester cycling jersey with five panels, three pockets, short sleeves and a zipper.  It is not good enough to churn out another pair of bib shorts because we are told that that is what we are supposed to wear.  We strive to be truly different, and that process begins with a sage approach to design.

Every design idea begins with an influence from the "outside" world.  From there, we deduce how to infuse those essential creative details with function.  After all, form does follow function, but that does not mean that the form has to be ugly!  

xo Alexis

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