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Brand Promise #3: Be Feminine, not Girly.

Posted by Lexi Miller on

I’ve never felt so much like a girl, as when I ride a bike.  And I do mean girl, not woman, which is strange since I am no longer living in my parents’ house, and I have a longer inseam than many men.


What I mean is, I’ve often felt squeezed out of the mainstream cycling culture, and boxed in to my little magenta “GIRL” compartment where everything is a smaller, less robust, pinker version of the men’s products. “Pink it and shrink it” is the prevailing design philosophy when it comes to women’s cycling apparel, so we are left with a marketplace full of infantile flowery prints and even worse, amorphous swirly objects.


Don’t get me wrong.  I love the color pink.  I also love sparkly objects and painfully high-heeled shoes.  And I’d be lying if I said that I haven’t been thankful a time or two when my ponytail has elicited some help to change a flat.  But please don’t mistake me for completely helpless or weak.  I know…women are an enigmatic, picky lot. 


So how is Lexi Miller tackling the challenge of creating women’s cycling clothes that are feminine but not girly?  How do we strike that balance, allowing ourselves to be different from men but not in a weak or pejorative way? 


Our clothes embody femininity through good tailoring.  Fit is so important to aesthetics, but it is also central to functionality.  And a 2-12 size range allows for more fine tuned fits, just like your “real” clothes. 


We punctuate a timeless black and white palette with a few visible, but not garish colors. 


We take cues from our closets and the fashion runways, which add an essential dose of refinement and sophistication. 


All that, and our clothes can take a beating, wick your sweat away, and protect your skin from the sun!

xo Alexis

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  • Tree on

    Thanks for posting this. I remember feeling like the odd girl out. Now that I am raising a daughter of my own, I want to have her feel what is best for her. At the end of the day its a journey, and we all get to the place we need to be at different times. I can across a great post on Not being girly enough though and we need more discussion around this.

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