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How to fix a flat tire on your road bike.

Posted by Lexi Miller on
How to fix a flat tire on your road bike.

When I bought my first road bike about a decade ago, I didn't think about things like getting a flat tire.  I rolled out of the shop with my shiny new steed and a bag full of "stuff" that I was supposed to know how to use.  I played along.

Then I got home and asked Google: How to fix a flat tire on your road bike.  Tubes?  Tire levers?  Whaaaat?  

OHHH, I discovered, The tube goes inside the tire.  Who knew?  

A few YouTube videos later and I kind of had the idea.  But there's nothing like trial by fire: being alone on the side of the road, with a flat tire, far from home.  Be sure you are prepared!

If you still find yourself with a pile of tools and no idea how to use them, don't worry!  You're not alone, and Michelle the mechanic is here to help.

xo Alexis

How to change a flat tire on your bike from Lexi Miller on Vimeo.


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