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Introducing: 3 Things.

Posted by Alexis Ring on

There is something wistful and significant about October that makes it feel like the time of year for new beginnings.  Maybe it’s because it’s my birthday month.  Perhaps it’s because October is our summer here in San Francisco: that time of the year when the oppressive marine layer goes away only to be seen after a winter and spring have passed.  We emerge back into sunny days and rejoice with rooftop parties, less windy bike rides, and savor the slowly dwindling daylight hours.

There is also meaning to the number 3 for me.  I’m the youngest of three girls.  It’s not too much, not too little.  It’s a prime number.  It’s an odd number, odd in a good way.    

So it seems fitting that this October, we begin a new tradition.  Introducing a monthly blog post of 3 things: 3 things that relate to cycling, or not cycling.  Some months we’ll talk about nutrition or fitness or fashion or skincare...all of the things that matter to us on and off the bike.  Sometimes it will be from yours truly, and other times it will be from guest posters.  Hey, you want to chime in?  We’re all ears.

Stay tuned! 

xo Alexis

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