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Like a good hug: our fit philosophy.

Posted by Lexi Miller on


I often talk about the pain points that led to the creation of Lexi Miller, and a HUGE one was fit.

When I bought my first [adult] road bike over 10 years ago, there were not a ton of options in the women's cycling apparel category.  And the unisex brands who seemed to own the space talked of fit as a very binary thing: "race fit" and "club fit".  In other words, "serious" and "not serious".  

The race fit seemed overly masculine in their design: too short in the torso, neglecting a waist.  The club fit seemed to say, if you're not serious enough to care about being aero, here's the equivalent of a spandex paper bag for you.  No tailoring, kind of pouffy at the waist, just at all not flattering.  

So we started with, how about a fit that fits?  When we think of fit, we want our kit to fit like a firm hug, not an awkward pinching squeeze.  

Some of our original ideas in this direction were the Wrapture jersey that hugs the contours of your waist, and the Little Black Short which is actually constructed with two textiles: more compressive on the legs and seat, and less compression on the waist and leg bands.  

To find out your ideal size in our fit, you can find a size guide on every product page.  And if you're unsure, you can always email us or text us 844-439-5394 and we'll help you out!

 xo Alexis

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