No but(t)s about it. September 07 2018, 1 Comment

When I first started cycling, I was a little apprehensive about wearing shorts with padding in the seat.  I mean, who wouldn't be?  I was also really confused about why it was called a "chamois".  After a ride or two, the necessity for the "buttpads" was clear.  The name "chamois" wasn't, however.  

So, why is it called a chamois?  Add this to the list of questions I had when I started riding a bike (e.g. What to I need pockets on my back for?  What's a tire lever and OHDEARLORD I hope I never have to use it?)  

I knew that a chamois was something used to dry cars, and something you see those Olympic divers use to dry off quickly because it is soft, porous and absorbs moisture quickly.  But really, back in the day, that's what people had in their shorts??  Yes, really!  But there's more.  A chamois is a kind of a mountain goat, and their skin is what was used to make primitive cycling shorts "comfortable".

Picture it: black wool shorts, an oiled leather saddle, and nothing but a piece of leather to keep you comfy.  Thus, chamois cream.  Cyclists would apply it directly to the chamois itself so it would soften.  Yikes.

We've come a far way.  But would you believe that the evolution away from a natural chamois to what we know today didn't happen until the 1980's?  Enter microfibers: nylon, polyester, and spandex.  Also, enter women into the sport.  

Today's chamois is highly evolved, meticulously researched, and designed to fit our bodies and cycling disciplines.  It accounts for at least one third of the cost of our materials.  It's what sits between you and good day on the bike or a rotten day on the bike.  It is important.  Quality matters.  So how do you know if your chamois is high quality or a pile of rubbish?

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When you see this logo, you know you're in good hands...I mean, you know what I mean.  

xo Alexis