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Brand Pillar #4: Authentic, always.

Posted by Lexi Miller on

au·then·tic adjective \ə-ˈthen-tik, ȯ-\

: real or genuine : not copied or false

: true and accurate

In a world where thousands of different trends, brands, and products are cropping up every second, and a newly sprouted social media network is poised to proliferate said trends, it is really important that we know who we are.  It is easy to feel threatened by the thought of getting lost in the shuffle and then trying to be everything to everyone as a consequence. 

Couple that phenomenon with being part of the cycling industry and you’ve got some pressure to conform.  It is a male dominated institution replete with dogma, rules, and some pretty strong opinions about what women should wear.  For us, being authentic means extracting the wisdom from the noise, and then moving on.  We don’t make bib shorts because we don’t wear bib shorts.  We don't see the necessity of suspenders because we've got hips to hold our shorts up.  We don’t design bike skirts or boleros because we don’t wear those things on bikes.  We know that some people may disagree with us, and that is all right.

Luckily, remaining authentic is not difficult because Lexi Miller was born from an idea in order to solve a problem: create functional yet truly stylish women’s cycling clothes using performance textiles of the highest quality.  We’re not reinventing the wheel, but we certainly are re-evaluating its looks.  There are no rules inhibiting our creativity so long as our clothes remain absolutely functional.  Why can’t we omit a zipper?  Why can’t we draw inspiration for a cycling jersey from a corset or a Dior dress?  We can.

We know who we are, what we do, and what we want and why we make it.  We will never be anything else.

xo Alexis

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