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The F word(s).

Posted by Lexi Miller on

The first F-word: Fine.  


1. of high quality.

Colloquially, "fine" is not fine.  "It's fine" is a resignation, an acceptance, something we say to mean the exact opposite of "fine".  

When I started cycling, I would search for apparel that felt like something that I would actually want to wear.  But I had to settle for poor fit, girly designs, scratchy, cheap feeling fabrics.  I'd get dressed for a ride and think, "it's fine."  And then I got sick of it.  And here we are.  Lexi Miller is my antidote for "fine".

The other F word: female.

I'm really excited to announce that I joined The F Project's third cohort.  The F (as in female) project is an initiative to help female founders become more visible to consumers. 

Why are we doing this?  

Because although we account for 70% of consumer purchasing, female founded business received 2.2% of all venture funding in 2018.  

Because a rising tide lifts all ships.  We're here to support one another in our challenges and celebrate our successes, and to shine a light on all of the hard work we are doing, creating solutions for ourselves and other women.

I can't speak for all of my fellow founders, but I'd suspect that a lot of us started our businesses because we realized that fine is not actually fine.

Who are we?

From promising startups to established influential brands, the women at the
forefront of these companies offer groundbreaking products that are literally changing the way we live.  We invite you to get to know the brands (and the women behind them)!  

How can you get involved?

Check us out!  Help us spread the word.

Thank you for your support!  

xo Alexis

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