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Who is Lexi Miller?

Posted by Lexi Miller on
Who is Lexi Miller?

Lexi Miller isn’t any singular person.    

Lexi Miller, the persona is inspired by a tribe of like-minded women.  We all get on a bike in search of something and it is there where we all find a new part of ourselves.  That part is what we call 'hardcore', 'badass', whatever...and the beauty of it is, how we define those terms is unique to each of us.

We're not a one-size-fits-all population, figuratively and literally.  We're too particular to be labeled: small, medium, large.  Our lives are too vast and diverse to sum up in one broad stroke of "women on bikes".  

There are newbies and seasoned triathletes.  Retired collegiate athletic studs and the women who are sick of being cooped up in spin classes.  We've got moms and not moms.  City dwellers and farm town gals.  Pilots, techies, nurses and designers.  You can't sum up the story of Lexi Miller with just one woman's life. 

Through the years, our story has unfolded as you have added your chapters.  THIS is who Lexi Miller is.  You are part of Lexi Miller.  You have a voice in the narrative and a place on the road.  

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  • Linda Prideaux on

    Well done, Lexi! I wonder where that fantastic way of writing came from!!!!!

  • Linda Prideaux on

    Well done! I wonder where that writing talent came from??
    Best of luck!

  • Kymberly Cross on


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