Who is Lexi Miller? July 02 2015, 0 Comments

Lexi Miller isn’t a person.  Lexi Miller is a part of you.  You are a part of Lexi Miller.  

Lexi Miller, the persona and the body of work, is the synthesis of daydreams stoked by thousands of pedal strokes along beautiful roads from the California coast to the Volcanoes of Chile.  Lexi Miller came to life when an interior designer fell in love with cycling: the new found freedom, the satisfaction of climbing hills, the awe inspired by gorgeous vistas, and the thrill of whipping descents.  But every ride was slightly soured by the disappointment of riding in clothes that were ...”eh”.  They didn’t fit quite right, the textiles felt cheap and scratchy, and too many jerseys were stamped with garish logos, girly flowers, and amorphous swirly designs meant to designate...what, exactly?  Certain that these feelings were not unique to her experience and unwilling to accept the market’s offerings as the best possible option, frustration led her to become an apparel designer.  

Lexi Miller represents that get-it-done part of ourselves, and the refusal to accept a reality that falls short of what we know is possible.  She represents that irreverent element of ourselves that goes against the grain, makes us proud, channels strength, and takes chances that add color to our lives.

Lexi Miller is athletic, sophisticated, discerning about design and fashion, and she likes to ride a bike.  She appreciates clothes that fit and flatter her body without sacrificing function.  Perhaps she is emerging from spin classes to the great open road.  Or maybe she rides 20 miles to work every morning and 100 miles every Saturday.  She does not want to be a billboard for a corporation.  She speaks for herself.  She does not wear pink flowers and swirly shapes on or off the bike.  She is feminine, not “girly”.  She likes to challenge herself, and she wants to look good and feel good while doing it.  She doesn’t mind working up a heard earned sweat or getting dirty, but she is equally fond of any occasion that necessitates a pair of heels, some makeup and a cute dress.

We hope that the story of Lexi Miller resonates with that little fire inside of you, or maybe helps you to find it.