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Wickin' good.

Posted by Lexi Miller on

What does "wicking" fabric mean?

A.  Wicked, evil, terrible fabric.

B. A derivative of New England slang, ​wicked, meaning awesome.  i.e. That's some wickin' good fabric!

C.  Fabric that draws moisture away from your skin, and disperses it on the surface of the fabric to allow for quicker evaporation.

The answer is C!

Wicking fibers draw the moisture to the fabric's surface, dispersing the moisture at the surface of the fabric where it can evaporate away from your skin.  

Polyester does this well, as it doesn’t absorb liquid.  Thus Polyester makes up most of what we see in athletic apparel, and especially cycling apparel.

Our Tweener Leggings' fabric has a secret weapon: a layer of nylon in addition to a polyester face.  So not only do they wick moisture away from your skin, but there is a barrier of nylon, further keeping you dry and cool, or warm, depending on the day.  Cool, foggy San Francisco morning or a warm sunny day when you'd rather have your knees covered?  The Tweener Legging will do the trick.

Adding nylon to polyester also gives it what we call a soft "hand".  You'll notice that they don't have that ubiquitous sheen that we usually see in cycling apparel.  Nylon gives the textile this softer texture, allowing it to drape effortlessly and compress just the right amount.  Try 'em out for yourself!  Warning: you'll be disappointed that you didn't try them sooner.


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